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Why Should You Prefer Modern Duplex in Kolkata

A duplex apartment is an interesting living space. People often talk about a nice architectural living room and big kitchens or bathrooms. A duplex apartment gives you both. If it is a modern riverfront duplex, then your living experience will be mesmerizing. It’s like having 3 separate homes in one place, with two floors that are connected either up and down or side to side.

If you’re looking for duplex apartments, why not check out Kolkata? Places like ‘The Royal Ganges’ offer a nice riverside duplex in Kolkata. And Kolkata has lots of good things about living there, so it could be a great place for you to live and experience the view of the Ganga.

What is Duplex Property?

In India, a duplex property typically refers to a house design that spans two floors. Generally, the lower floor of a duplex house comprises the kitchen, hall, and bedrooms, while the upper floor houses the master bedroom. 

The defining characteristic of a duplex house in India is that it always consists of two floors and never three or four floors. If a house has three or four floors, it would be referred to as a multiplex instead of a duplex.

The Difference between Duplex and Apartment

A duplex is a type of housing unit within a single building that comprises two separate living spaces, typically arranged either side-by-side or stacked on top of each other. Each unit in a duplex has its own entrance, providing a sense of privacy and independence. Duplexes are usually spread over two floors, with each unit occupying one floor.
Duplexes often feature larger floor plans, private entrances, and separate outdoor areas like yards or balconies. This setup is ideal for families or individuals who value autonomy and the feeling of living in a standalone home while still enjoying the convenience of shared amenities.

On the other hand, an apartment is a housing unit within a larger residential building that contains multiple units stacked on top of each other. Apartments can vary in size and layout but generally consist of one single-level living space. Residents typically share common areas such as hallways, lobbies, and amenities like gyms or pools.

However, Duplexes provide more space, privacy, and autonomy akin to standalone homes, while apartments offer convenience, amenities, and a sense of community within a larger residential complex.

Modern Duplex in Kolkata: Why Should You Prefer?

Buying a Luxury Duplex in Kolkata offers several benefits for a better lifestyle. Such as:

1. Modern Duplex has Space & Privacy

The structure of a duplex provides more space and privacy compared to traditional apartments or condos. With two separate units within the same building, you have the flexibility to use one unit for living while renting out the other for additional income. This arrangement not only helps offset mortgage costs but also provides a sense of financial security.

2. Duplex can Prefer your Choices

luxury duplex properties often come with upscale amenities and high-end finishes, enhancing your living experience. Features like gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and private outdoor spaces contribute to a luxurious lifestyle. Additionally, the design of a duplex allows for customization and personalization according to your preferences, making it feel like a true home tailored to your needs.

3. Duplex offers a Sophisticated Lifestyle

living in a luxury duplex offers a sense of exclusivity and prestige. The architectural design and upscale neighbourhood contribute to a sophisticated atmosphere, elevating your status and social standing. Whether you’re hosting gatherings or simply enjoying your private sanctuary, a luxury duplex provides a comfortable and elegant setting for your lifestyle needs.

Final Words

You can see that buying a duplex in Kolkata comes with great benefits for your life. Choosing duplex apartments is a fantastic way to enjoy these advantages. Kolkata is an ideal city to buy a new home and begin a fresh start. It’s a great place for daily living and is a top choice for modern living.

If you are thinking of investing in a luxury duplex property, then don’t forget to look into the Longest Riverfront duplex in Kolkata by Srijan Realty. It enhances your living environment and your overall quality of life.


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